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Lamar Concept Art

A large part of what we do at Lamar as part of the Transit and  Air Services team, is create industry-grade conceptual art. The main goal of this is to help Lamar's sellers to spark ideas into the minds of potential clients and brand partnerships. these clients range from fashion, food, sports & entertainment, to even radio clients.

Swatch Watch_Cleveland_FullWrap.jpg

Lamar Infographics

During my time at Lamar, I was given the opportunity to rebrand our OOH infographics that can be sent to sellers, posted on LinkedIn, or shared in email threads. Using Lamar's secondary brand colors and greyscale photographs, I was able to create bold pops of information while also retaining a sleek and easy to read design style.

Infographic 6.png

Lamar Keynote Slides

Working within Lamar's National Sales comes with the opportunity to work on several different kinds of marketing proposals and presentations, highlighting the key benefits of choosing airport or transit advertising spots. These are examples of the creative slides that are created for pitch decks using Lamar's signature green while also working in some eye-catching visuals.

MKE_On The Up & Up_AdHoc_4.27.22.jpg

Venable Fabricators

Building aqua-cultural equipment is a very niche market, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still want to stand out from the rest. This mosaic paper-cut logo does just that.


Clinton Hairantino

Over the years, my barber and I have gotten pretty close. That’s why when he asked me to design a set of custom business cards, I jumped at the opportunity, mixing his love of plants with his passion for hair care and style.

clinton's business card photo 1.jpg

LSU Campus Life

Working for LSU, I was able to produce collateral for several student organizations and campus events using LSU's Fierce for the Future branding guidelines.

Campus Life_FB Event Cover.jpg

LSU Campus Life - Animations

Here are variety of Campus Life social media animations used to highlight different holidays and events


Camp No Counselors

Logo redesign for Camp No Counselors, an adult summer camp where drinking isn’t just allowed but encouraged.

Camp No Councelors_TYPE LOGO.png


One of my favorite design things to do outside of work is printmaking, typically drawing inspiration from Louisiana wildlife and often bringing the final product back into a digital format.

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