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Lamar Concept Art

A large part of what we do at Lamar as part of the Transit and  Air Services team, is create industry-grade conceptual art. The main goal of this is to help Lamar's sellers to spark ideas into the minds of potential clients and brand partnerships. these clients range from fashion, food, sports & entertainment, to even radio clients.

Swatch Watch_Cleveland_FullWrap.jpg
BC_Vancouver_Barbie Movie_Bus_FullSide_3.31.23.jpg
SAT_Express News_6x6_TensionFabric_Unit307_12.20.21.jpg
CA_AC_San Jose Sharks_FullSide_6.30.22.jpg
Stair Exterior Wall.jpg
NY_Syracuse_Columbus Bakery_FullWrap CS_2.8.23.jpg
CA_Sacramento_iHeartMedia_Bus_King Kong_8.5.22.jpg
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